Entre chien et loup

I was wondering how many hours would pass before this appears in the blogosphere.

French lesson du jour (inspired by Naked Translations: entre chien et loup, the time of day, just before night, when it's difficult to tell a dog and a wolf apart. The limit between the familiar, the domestic comfort zone and the unknown, dangerous, savage universe. The twilight zone.


Soon, I'd imagine. I'm sure it won't be a big deal though, because as you and I well know, America is the land of due process for everyone, even (especially) the criminals. I'm sure American warbloggers will welcome this as a sign of France's cooperation in and agreement with, the whole due-process, innocent until proven guilty, benefit of the doubt, american ideals campaign so many of them think is so dandy.

What? You think that the fact that the attorney is French will somehow restart the silliness caused because the majority of the French people believed armed conflict in Iraq was counter-productive and so opposed "Bush does Iraq II," the unpopular sequel to his fathers earlier effort and will be cited as further evidence of French complicity in the whole Saddam-Oil thing? By the way, isn't majority one of those democracy-related words?

Oh yeah, I keep forgetting, the warbloggers don't really like democracy unless it's doing exactly what they think it should. They loved Spain as long as Spain's leaders were ignoring the wishes of the majority of its population. And we've all seen how loyal the warbloggers are to their allies, the Spanish people.


Maybe you have a point.

Watching the news of the selection of the French lawyer as it was presented last night, I didn't actually get much of a sense of outrage — more curiosity than anything else. In fact, I'm not so sure many Americans even were aware that Mr Hussein was even going to have a trial, since everyone's already assumed he's guilty (because otherwise why would we have gone to war against him QED). So the fact of a trial (possibly) taking place may be the most interesting aspect of the report. In addition, the lawyer (in heavily accented English) mentioned Donald Rumsfeld would be called as a witness — how likely is that, really? Hmmm. And you don't hear anyone calling for a trial for Osama bin Laden — since we've declared war on him (more or less legally), he can be killed on sight, I suppose, without the messiness of a defense and a judge and a jury.

Trés bonne explication de cette expression...

Juste un mot...le lien fait référence à un propos de Verges qui parle de loup et de chiens , il ne s'agit donc pas d'une mauvaise traduction...
Bon anniversaire François

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