What "superior" technology?

The Google board falls victim of a Google Bomb dropped on no more than a handful of low ranking web pages. Check here for yourself or type "out of touch executives" with double quotes in Google and hit "I'm Feeling Lucky" (screenshot saved for posterity).

The Register, which reports on this story, writes:

While Google officially maintains that Bombs are harmless, they do show how easily the integrity of the search results can be compromised.

The Register also notes that Yahoo! is prone to the same bombing tactics.

A few months ago in France, to justify an upcoming law on the internet that will force ISPs to filter unlawful content traveling on their pipes and dismiss claims that it would be both technologically unreliable and economically catastrophic, a French MP said that since Google does a very good job at finding pertinent content, anybody can filter texts and images easily. Following this great bit of technical wisdom, I dropped a Google Bomb on his site -- it spread like fire and took 13 days to reach its target -- for the sole purpose of debunking this (almost religious) blind faith in such "superior technology".

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