I'm 38 today.

On Saturday I wrote a long post about how I feel about that. Then I quit NetNewsWire, forgetting about one of its bugs, namely that it doesn't save an entry automatically. Whether it was an acte manqué or not, I'm glad that post never saw the light.

There is only one thing I'll recover from it.

Professionally speaking, I feel like a transitional XHTML page without a stylesheet.

But the stylesheet is coming, and it will be great.

Off to London for a short holiday and less internet.


Happy birthday !

Well, happy birthday, old dude. I'm turning 30 in 2 weeks, so I can definitely feel the pain, you know, in my bones.

h_a_p_p_y b_i_r_t_h_d_a_y

Happy birthday - I turned 39 on March 28th. C'est dingue, non ?

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