From Orkut to Pilgrim

Sometimes surfing on the web makes for unexpected but interesting journeys.

I was reading this article on why one should avoid Friendster and its clones (which makes me wonder if one can ever completely and cleanly get out from Orkut). It led me to Google Labs passes Borges test which in turn led me to Borges' Animals.

And now I know where Mark Pilgrim got the funny, however relevant names for the categories on his weblog.


You know what's really funny? Read the title on the link "loaded with spanish curse words" in the entry where Mr. Pilgrim talks about the categories, it's over here. Like a snake biting its own tail, this web stuff.

Then, it needs translation. As far as I can tell, this is what these categories mean :
"those that tremble as if they were mad" : RSS, XML, Dave Winer...
"those that have just broken a flower vase" : cat pictures =)
"those that resemble flies from a distance" : blogging about blogging ?
"Those that are included in this classification" : one post, many links.

I might be wrong, tho.

"those that resemble flies from a distance" : spammers, definitely ;-).

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