Referrer ban:

Note to the lurkers who visit this site pretending that you're coming from a link on, welcome to my referrer ban list, this entire site is now out of your sight.

Legitimate users of Avant Browser need not worry.

[Update] That wasn't long. I posted a description of the problem on the Avant Browser forum, and got an answer within the hour (although the issue was reported by someone else three months ago). It's a bug in old code, nothing to worry about (apart harm done to Avant Browser's reputation). I'll lift the ban.

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I somehow doubt it's a bug. I had the same referrers in my logs at one point, right next to referrals from pornography sites. It's a strange method of free advertising. Those dirtbags. :P

Chris, I have checked about 10% of those patterns on my own logs and found no such association. From what I read from the developer's answer, it's an old piece of code in one component that is causing this, so it's a bug within the AB code. May be spammers are using that same code to perform their dirty work, but I'm confident that on my site, legitimate users of Avant Browser are causing this without knowing it.

When I click in the "OK" button in the Avant Browser ( ) Options window
the address bar, the search bar and the standard bar arrange themself in the same line.

The correct link for Avant Browser on my post is:

The latest version have fixed almost all errors .Here is complete list with versions

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