Branding Mozilla, Firefox

The Mozilla foundation renames Firebird into Firefox as it polishes it to version 1.0. I find its new icon truly elegant and beautiful. See for yourself:


Steven Garrity has a nice post about his and his team job in branding Mozilla, starting with Firefox. I'm looking forward into seeing new icons for the rest of the Mozilla family.

P.S. : Jon Hicks did the rendering with Fireworks, amazing.


It's a great logo. Cannot quite make out the land mass on the globe, perhaps it's purposefully generic.

I'm wondering why the amazement at the use of Fireworks. I've always felt, since it's 1.0 release, it was a better one-stop package for web graphics than Illustrator or Photoshop were. The combination of vector and raster graphics is very well done, allowing some nice affects (which, if I read Jon correctly, is why he used it for the logo).

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