Google tricks

Google really has a sense of humor. Try to enter 2+2 or any arithmetic formula in Google, or the search box in Safari, or in Mozilla/FireBird/etc. (provided they point on Google). Fun and handy. Spotted on MacMegaSite.


Montreal December 15th 2003
Great web sit!!! Thank you from Richard

type in "miserable failure" and click "I'm feeling Lucky" or just look at the first result....

type "wmd" then hit im feeling lucky

Of course, neither of the last two suggestions are actually google tricks, it's more like google was tricked...

But let's ignore that and pretend that Clinton was the best president ever...

Type in:
Pics of Britney's New Boyfriend
Then click I'm Feelin' Lucky

Type these in, then hit "I'm feeling lucky."

french military victories


type in these and then hit I'm feeling lucky:

elmur fudd


~brought to u by Rachel and Elizabeth...btw that "miserable failure" 1 is mean and dumb

enter:"do not click", then "I'm feeling lucky"

ENter in Ghetto googles and hit the Im feelin lucky button.. funny results

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