Hot night

According to Météo France, last night the temperature in Paris did not go below 25.5°C (77.9°F), marking this night of August 11 as the hottest in France's capital in the last 130 years (actually since the creation of the weather observatory in the Parc Montsouris in 1873).

Now I know why I did not sleep well last night.


Anybody wondering about ecology over there? Maybe the heat can wake up some moronic ideas about the impact of the man on our blue planet...
But Utopia isn't my name, so i wouldn't bet on it!

I'm doing a paper in college were would I find info on ho many deaths ocurred on paris in 1873 do to the heat?

For John

- en juin-juillet 1976, 6 000 décès
- en Juin et juillet 1983 sur l'ensemble de la France s'est élevée 4 700 décès ;
- l'année 1994 a connu le deuxième été le plus chaud depuis 50 ans.
-14 802 personnes en 2003

cf :
attention c'est la version du gouvernement !!!ffs

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