There are days like this

  • I wake up at 5h30 to get at CDG airport before my flight checking limit scheduled at 7h00. I reach the airport at 6h30, first time I get a parking place without turning for 20 mn, parisians are not back from holidays yet.
  • They ask us to board the plane at 7h00.
  • The plane takes of at 8h30, 45 mn late. Thanks for the extra 1h30 sitting on the tarmac. At least we have air conditioning.
  • Munich, 37°C, inside the office.
  • I spill water on my PowerBook by accident, near the power button. The poor beast starts to ask if I really want to shut it down, in an endless loop. I shut it down. The beast then attempts to startup every 30 s, even when closed. Weird. I remove the battery.
  • I get stopped at the airport security control in Munich because I have a knife (more on that one later, but it won't be a "I'm a suspected terrorist" story ;-).
  • Flight back OK.
  • The sign on the highway to Paris says: "Take the A1, the A3 is blocked for 12 km". I take the A1. I'm blocked right after the turn for 10km and of course that road is far longer than the other one. One hour. The trip in the other direction takes 14 mn, says a sign when I reach Paris.

The PowerBook runs fine now. I guess two hours in the plane plus a few others between 33 and 37°C helped evaporate the water (that works for me too, apparently). I'm back in blogness ;-)

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