Unstable Safari

Since about a week, Safari has been crashing consistently several times a day. It used to be surprinsingly stable (for a beta) before. I suspect a recent upgrade of something in the system is causing this (I did at least one security and QuickTime updates recently). Weird. Has anyone noticed something similar?

And for some reason, Standblog, the very standards-respectful site of the French web standards master evangelist Tristan crashes Safari big time.

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new Apple toys from take one onion on June 24, 2003 6:48 PM

Lots of new interesting products from Apple yesterday. Some of my particular favourites are a final version of Safari, which is now set to be the dominant browser on the Mac platform. I really like Safari, it has been my dominant browser Read More


Sorry Master, I have failed you. I tried to think "dark thoughts" while I viewed Standblog, but I was unable to get my Safari to crash.

And I have all the current system updates.

Okay Master, I am once again impressed with your understanding of the force. The first two times I viewed Standblog, no problems. But the third, fourth, and fifth resulted in crash, crash, and yes, crash!

I have no idea what the actual problem is, but whenever I have had similar problems with lesser browsers (IE for instance) it has always been a strange CSS interaction causing the crash.

Maybe the same CSS bug that reportedly crashes Safari on pompage.net? I've been unable to track it down, unfortunately.

I ran your test with Standblog and the first time I visited, no problem. The second, third, etc. would crash Safari just like you said.

this must have been fixed, though, because in Safari 1.0, I went and refreshed the page 4 times and it seemed to render just fine. No crashes. So if this is not just lucky, then my first impression of 1.0 is already a very good one.

I'm not sure what the pompage.net crash is (Sam mentioned), but I just went to that site and everything worked there too.

Safari in its final 1.0 incarnation looks stable, no crash in about a week now.

I have the same problems. After a reinstall after a harddisk crash I have suffered a very unstable Safari and Mail. Mail does not remember settings?! and crashes continously when selecting mail in the in tray. What to do?

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