Apple web site glitch reveals G5

Numerous sites are reporting that Apple has let the cat out of the bag by erroneously posting a graphic on its web store that reveals the characteristics of its new line of PowerMac, sporting 1.6GHz, 1.8GHz and 2GHz "PowerPC G5" processors. On all those sites, The Register provides a little bit more than just a screenshot.

The initial link reported by MacMegaSite shows the regular URL pattern of the Akamai delivery network that Apple is using on its public sites, suggesting that the image has indeed been pushed all the way through their production servers. Knowing how paranoid Jobs is regarding the announcements of new products, I think there is a webmaster somewhere in Cupertino who must not be very comfortable with this!

Speaking of which, Apple is now looking for a "Web Publishing Manager WW Apple Store". The job description, which if I'm correct appeared just today, starts with: "The position manages day to day publishing requirements such as image updates...". It might be completely unrelated, though, but the coincidence has a taste of irony.


I'm not bothering to search for this kind of information any more. I just read what you come up with. Are you sure you're only a padawan?

Me still have a lot to learn.

But my own padawans call me Master ;-)

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