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I am a great fan of Japanese cuisine -- actually a great fan of everything cuisine, simply -- and seeing this description of Japanese Suppon Snapping Turtle from Joi Ito makes me wonder why all Japanese restaurants I know of in Paris are limited to the sushi/sashimi/maki/teriyaki quartet ? Love that too, but compared to the extent of Japanese food art, isn't that their equivalent of fast food? It would be like saying that american food is nothing more than what you get at McDonalds!

Does anyone know of a Japanese restaurant in Paris that would go beyond sushis etc.? Joi, I am sure you know one, please ;-)

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Joi Ito went to his favorite restaurant to eat Japanese snapping turtle, or suppon. It looks absolutely delicious, but I must confess it will be very hard to find this kind of meal in a japanese restaurant installed in Read More


May I suggest the great Tagawa restaurant, in Paris 15eme? Not your everyday 'cantine', but amazing japanese food, and very friendly people. I just went there once, had the 'degustation' menu, and was delighted by the evening. Highly recommended. (Plus, it's like 50m from my place, so you can have a drink at home before having dinner)

Tagawa 37Bis RUE ROUELLE 75015 PARIS; 01 45 75 93 21

Rue Sainte Anne, il y a une cantine. :)

I've been enjoying Tagawa once again last friday. Not a cheap restaurant, the "Menu decouverte" is at 55 Euros, but you'll have a lot of food, with many different flavors so that you can taste almost everything in the restaurant. There are also cheaper menus for those who are less curious about the food... or with a smaller budget!

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