Improving your TiBook Wi-Fi reception

I tried this, and it worked for me too.

It is not hard to understand what the problem is. By the description, the idea is to slightly push the antenna from the inside of the case towards the exterior of the case. You probably won't see the antenna inside the battery slot (as the instructions suggest) but you cannot miss it if you look outside the case. It is the small 4 cm long plastic strip that is near you on the left side when you are looking at your keyboard. This piece of plastic gets easily pushed inside the case when you carry the PowerBook, and that probably explains why it gets less efficient over time and why pushing it back in place increases the efficiency of the signal reception. There is another antenna, symmetrical, but that one cannot be reached so easily.

Portable metal cases are acting as Faraday cages, effectively shielding electro-magnetic waves, hence the necessity of designing holes for the antennas. I discovered Faraday cages when I was a child at the Palais de la découverte in Paris. I did something very close to this, and it was really impressive (OK, I admit it, scary is closer) to stand inside that cage, hands on the metal while the presenter was generating huge electrical sparks outside the cage where I had my hands.


Bonjour des Etats-Unis.
Je viens d'acheter une carte Airport Express pour mon G5 et mon TiBook avec sa carte Airport normale ne reçoit pratiquement pas de signal deux chambres plus loin. Je cherche a rendre le tout plus fort, si su aurais des suggestions (sans avoir a acheter une antenne supplementaire).

Une carte AirPort Extreme tu veux dire (AirPort Express c'est une borne). Essayes de modifier la position du G5 si possible pour éviter les obstacles "lourds" (genre frigo, masse métallique, etc.), et vois si la fonction "Use Interference Robustness" (dans le menu AirPort) a un effet ou pas (chez moi ça fonctionne mieux sans, mais j'ai remplacé le TiBook par un AluBook, bien plus réceptif).

Merci François, j'aimerai bien moi aussi un AluBook mais c'est pas pour maintenant.

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