Everybody now knows about the new music store that Apple launched on Monday. What can I say, apart that I legally cannot usebuy from it outside the US, and that instead of hearing that it will come to Windows by the end of the year, I would have preferred to get some hint on when it will come to Europe?


What do you think of the new iPod?

I haven't seen the new ones yet but there is still one thing missing: the ability to use them to dump the memory of a digital camera.

Songs still need to be cheaper, like 50 - 75 cents a piece. You can go to the store and buy the CD at a $1 a song and get the medium that it is stored on!

Don't be greedy man. The musicians get a tiny percent of the money you pay for these songs. And in certain genres of music, well known artists have a hard time surviving on what there work brings in. Remember it's not just Steve Jobs and the record co.s that need to get payed.

> Remember it's not just Steve Jobs and the record co.s that need to get payed.

Indeed. And whatever the medium, I'd appreciate more clarity about what goes to the artists.

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