AppleCare smoking surprise

My better half just picked up an iBook left for repair at the AppleCare desk in Paris. The box came back with an unexpected smoking surprise, right there in the Internet Explorer history. I saved a screenshot for your pleasure (and my records).

As you can see for yourself (and no, I am not going to link to that site, check it for yourself), repair technicians have broader interests than IT matters. Unless all recipes for planting, growing, harvesting and smoking pot is part of Apple's knowledge base.

The iBook had just one problem, a broken latch preventing it to remain firmly closed. Since it was not covered by an AppleCare contract (18 months old), the repair was billed 454 euros. I guess that leaves a comfortable amount of free time to get high at the expense of your customers.

Before you ask, I am not making this up. And to the repair person: you should consider Safari, it has a very convenient "Clear History" one click away from the application menu.


Big brother is watching you.
I love your sarkozy style françois, ;-)

Chut ! Je ne veux pas d'ennuis avec le petit Nicolas.

Hi François, I came across your page looking for AppleCare service in Paris. Can I please ask you how/where to find it? I just moved to Paris, and it's not as easy here as going to the Apple SuperStore back home in San Francisco. I have the extended protection and my power adapter does not work - the battery seems to have problems too. :-( Thanks, France is a foreign country for me, and finding good help for my baby would help a lot. I live in the 18th arrondisment. Merci, - Erick

Nallez pas à applecare... C' est une perte de temps et donc d'argent... autant jettez votre mac ou le réparer vous mm... C bocoup plus sure et intelligent... Ce sont des feignasses pas agréable et ki bosse mal... en + ils sont pa bo..!?!!!!!!!!

O fait pr Erick... Place Boulenoi dans le 17 eme... Aller va o front combattant de l'infini... et adieu...

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