Squeeze it

The Apple Mighty Mouse makes noise, so that when you click on its buttons ("what buttons?") it, well, clicks. I wonder how long it will take for someone to develop a hack so that, when you squeeze it, it will squeak.

And don't miss Of the Mighty Mouse at DrunkenBlog. Oh, and a last bit of Google juice for Unsanity's Mighty Mouse which will disappear in the search engine's oubliettes with just a squeak.


where did you see it has a speaker?

never mind, found it. :)

Mmh, silly me, I thought so after reading Russell Beatie's review and thinking too much about the iPod speaker that generates clicks in the same fashion. But that would be stupid, since it can use the computer speaker.

Hold on, it indeed has a built-in speaker.

Well, for a mouse, *squeaking* would be even more natural. :)

Oops, yes, squeak is better :-)