Introducing Mighty Marketing (or the art of never acknowledging you've been wrong)

Single-button looks, multibutton charm, here's the new Apple Mighty Mouse. A perfect example of how Apple has come to master an art of solving interesting dilemmas, such as how to finally catchup and produce a multibutton mouse, but without buttons (because we told you multiple buttons, or even buttons at all are evil), and without acknowledging you've been wrong after decades (I used three-buttons mice before Microsoft Windows existed) and, at the end, boast that you're the best mouse designer in the world.

And it's not even wireless :-P.

OK, I want one :-).

P.S. Besides telling you that you can click, roll, scroll and even squeeze that thing, they forgot to tell you that you can move it like, say, a mouse (it's also an optical mouse).

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There was a great bit about this mouse in a recent 'Attack of the Show' (Aug. 4th). The co-host cut the cord and crushed the mouse. A very soothing moment.

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