Orlowski digs weblogs

Novell offers SCO last drink at System V saloon on The Register.

Wait a minute! What's that "related link" at the bottom of this article? It's a... weblog!

Andrew Orlowski using a weblog to support one of his article. I'm shocked, shocked. Journalism is doomed.


ahh yes, this is the first step in the apocolyptic order that ends "...and the geek shall inherit the earth"

Was there any doubt that he likes weblogs?

You mean, in a love-hate manner?

If you mean he loves some and hates some, I don't know about that. If linking to a weblog as a nice reference means 'a good bit o' lovin'" for that weblog, then I think he's done it before.

> I think he's done it before.

Yes, but I was just joking around the fact that he is so prompt to ditch weblogs -- complaining that they're useless, they broke Google and all that sort of stupidities anytime he has nothing more interesting to write about -- that it's ironic that he's using weblogs as references for his articles.

Without going into a debate about his stupidities, maybe it's a case of separating some of the content from the software. For example, Groklaw is run by Geeklog, which is a little different from Movabletype/Userland/Livejournal -- although I think he has approvingly linked to MT weblogs before. On the flip side, there's no doubt his acidic barbs agaisnt some of the e-democracy stuff is centered around some webloggers -- in those cases, he might be right.