Spill the beans

Jeremy Zawodny has a hilarious post about TrackBack and Corporate Secrets:

Bob, from BigEvilCompany which has adopted MovableType internally--behind the firewall, has been using his internal blog to track various things: competitors, possible acquisitions, recent discoveries, etc. One day Bob has a great idea and jot some notes on his weblog. However, what Bob doesn't realize (or even understand, really) is that MovableType had TrackBack auto-discovery enabled. As part of that blog entry, he links to a post onScott's Feedster blog. MovableType happily sends Scott's blog a TrackBack ping with the title and an brief excerpt of the entry.

The title is: Feedster Acquisition and the excerpt starts out:

To better position ourselves against Google in the upcoming battle for RSS/weblog/news search, we should buy Feedster as soon...

Uh oh...

It smells so much like a real story...

I bet MT Pro will have TrackBack autodiscovery off by default and that Six Apart should think of a guide for firewall administrators ;-).

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This is a very good explanation of how track back works.