Radio Frequency ID are micro chips that can be identified and possibly located remotely by a radio frequency scan. Rolland Piquepaille has a good article with striking photos that explain by themselves why we will see RFID chips everywhere. RFID is the kind of technology that gives as many ideas as it raises questions. An example? For one thief defeated, how many big brothers?

Please excuse the easy geeky joke, but seeing SAP showing off RFID potential is deeply ironical once you know that the world's most famous (and expensive) ERP software has long ignored something as useful as a serial number! There are people who, when they innovate, just don't bother about the small steps.

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While I think there is a lot of positive potential for this technology and of course see how it can automate and simplify inventory tasks and control, there is a large movement pushing for what I think is MUCH needed regulation on when it comes to tracking merchandise in the hands of the consumer. They are also organizing a "virtual protest" around an ACTUAL protest on 9/15 in Chicago, IL. The site is linked above, but the URL is http://stoprfid.textamerica.com and worthy of a look.