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Netcraft issues it monthly report for September 2003, always a webmaster's pleasure. Geeky Web info for the week-end.

With 67.28% of market share in September 2003, this is the first time that Apache runs over 2/3 of the world's web servers. Microsoft IIS is second at 24.44%, close to only a third of Apache's share. Both represent 91.78% of the total web servers market share.

Still according to Netcraft, Windows 2003 overtakes Solaris 9, "in spite of the fact that Windows Server 2003 does not launch until later on this month." We paid close to 10,000€ for a 3-year Sun Gold support contract for one server. Despite several phone calls and faxes, I have never received a single upgrade of Solaris in three years.

As of today, our web servers run on Linux and HP servers. Any link to the previous story is coincidental.

Microsoft.com also runs on Linux! Check it for yourself. Microsoft, once an initial investor in Akamai and recently a customer of Speedera, has got back to Akamai in order to shield itself from DoS attacks. Akamai and Speedera are Content Delivery Networks, operating hundreds to thousands of "edge servers" that sit close to visitors and cache content for faster delivery.

Ironically, Linux World serves its web site with Microsoft's IIS. Nature loves balance.

And where would SCO host its investors relation web site, if not at IBM? Bwahahaha! May be SCO should use Akamai's unlicensed Linux servers to fight against its own DoS attacks.

More web server scramble: inventor of SX, VMS, and Ultrix, Digital now runs on HPUX. Netscape.com from the inventor of Netscape Enterprise Server now runs on AOL Server. Apple Knowledge Base moved from Mac OS X to Solaris.

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