Spam hard

Jeffrey Zeldman notes that there has been a surge in spam yesterday. I am doing a little survey on the spam I receive, and I got 17 spams yesterday on an address that usually receives between 3 and 7. I don't know about hell or purgatory for spammers, I just wish someone would find a terrestrial and definitive solution to put us out of their misery.


Since I set my default box to :blackhole: and stopped accepting unrouted email I've had less than ten pieces. And all of that was from when I accidently sent an email to someone at a address. I got spammed for a day or two, ignored it (didn't respond which would have let the lowlife know the address was good) and it stopped.

A lot of yesterday's spam was the propagation of the Sobig virus. I had about 50 messages, al with the virus attached. Needless to say, you're computer is perfectly safe unless you open the attachment. The BBC reported it: