Microsoft woes

Grabbing from Jez' comment on my last post, Wednesday's spam surge is related to the latest Microsoft's security flaw. I'm already two days late, but since I'm working on a Mac, the spam surge was merely the only sign of that misery for me (although I wonder if the unavailability of my home Internet connection for most of that day was related to that exploit too).

A few reports for your reading pleasure, which I find harder and harder for Microsoft with each new virus:

I apologize for repeating myself, but to the IT managers who are fed up with the hidden costs of managing security in a Windows environment (three significant viruses in the past two weeks), you do have a choice. And it's not necessarily one with an ugly desktop and lawyer-unfriendly legal ground. Funny how that choice is rarely, if ever mentioned in IT articles.

That is not to say that Unices and Mac OS are safe from viruses or security flaws. But in more than 20 years I have never been hit by a virus on any of the Unices I've worked with, and the latest virus I remember seeing on one of my Macs was around 1990 (because I never run macros on MS Office documents, I might have come close to a few since then). According to this article, not a single Mac OS X-specific virus has yet appeared. May be those targets are not interesting for the script kiddies.

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