Quechup or why social spam doesn't work

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Last week, I received a social spam from Quechup sent to... a private mailing-list! An obvious sign that Quechup was blindly spamming someone's entire webmail address book. A couple days later, I saw bloggers complaining about Quechup social spamming. And today I received this by email from an acquaintance who's a new victim of Quechup social spam bot:

Dear friends,

I'm really sorry about the Quechup spamming invitation.
They asked me to connect to my Gmail account to check which of my contacts were already on Quechup.
I never gave them the permission to send invitations for me, I never do and will never do it massively, I know how we are already so much spammed.
I received an invite to test this service from someone I trust but I'm not using it anymore, this site is totally useless.
Again I'm really sorry
Best regards

Worst word of mouth you can get. I hope Quechup and other stupid social spammers get the point. Doing this will only harm your own business.

P.S. two days and counting, Quechup bashing continues to increase on the web. Read/Write Web recommends to stay away from Quechup. For Boing Boing Quechup is rotten. Spammers can use scams to fool punters because they can take the money and run, changing domains at anytime. When you're trying to establish yourself as a social network, you can't ruin your name and reputation like that. Judging from the buzz they're getting (and deservedly so), it's clear that what Quechup has done is business suicide.