On storing passwords securely

Fascinating stuff to read if you're in the business of handling login credentials on a server:

Quick thoughts:

  • Don't use the same password everywhere, at the very minimum use a unique one for your online bank account!
  • The exploding trend in social software of asking people for their credentials to check if they've got "friends" around is not just leading to social spam, it's helping phishing as well. Plus having credentials floating in the clear on the cloud from servers to servers doesn't inspire security, does it? Well, when you know it takes only a chocolate bar, what can you do anyway?
  • If a web service you're using is capable of emailing your forgotten password back in the clear (in the clear!), you can only assume that its security is plain crap. The right way should be to reset your password (and only after you've clicked on a link sent to your legitimate email address, or at least some challenge question, so that no one can lock you out by just knowing your login name.)

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