Who wants a Joost invite?

I have two invites for Joost to give away before March 22. Leave a comment with a valid email address in the email field (addresses are not published this way).

Wow, gone in 30 minutes! (And me who thought nobody was reading my English blog.)

François and Xu, your invites are on their way.

For the others, be patient, there are more invites coming along the way, they're just changing the way they distribute them.

P.S. Offer closed, I got only two invites, don't know if I'll get more.

P.S. 2 (May 29, 2007): I finally got the chance to run the Joost Beta on an Intel Mac, so I sent the pending invitations (although I guess you probably got it via someone else who was faster than me ;-).


I want some ;)

Rhaa, raté !

Hello !
Interested :)
Thanks ;)

Hey, I'd like an invite if you get any new ones.

so.. how are you liking joost so far?

@gentk: actually I can't tell, their Mac version runs only on new Intel Macs, and I still work on my good ol'PowerMac G5.

Merci François ! J'essaierai d'en faire un mini-test sur mon blog

Thanks ! :-)

Just to let you know, I don't need an invite anymore, as I got one a few hours ago (just downloaded it).

Thanks for the reply

@gentk: well, too late! If you find more invites within Joost, then give it to Versac please, he was 3rd.

Merci :)

please send me one Joost Invite.
here's my email addy [edited]


Hello if anyone has an invite to joost. I would be willing to trade invites

I just posted for a joost invite.


Thank you.

I just

posted for a joost invite. Thank you.


I just

posted for a joost invite. Thank you.


would love an invite. Was a beta for gmail before i got married. sent out over 250 invites for gmail. would love one for joost.


can i pweeeeease get a joost invite!?!....i'll be yer bestest friend....and i'll let u touch my fuzzy man boobs...LAWL metaphysikz@rogers.com

Please, you get more invites, send me one!

jvpgomes [at] gmail [dot] com


I would love a joost invite.

much love

once u get new ones i woulld love one please =)


If you don't mind, it would be greatly appreciated!

dogfish3 [at] gmail.com

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