Wave Bubble gives me "my space"

I wish I had a Wave Bubble ready for traveling quietly (especially for enforcing the "no mobile phones" rules in some trains here). It could almost get me back into soldering, although I can see things have improved (and miniaturized) quite a lot since the last time I used a soldering iron and chemicals to make my own circuit boards. (It's a bit like biking, I lapsed for 20 years and it's a whole new world out there.)

You have more details on O'Reilly radar where I spotted it, This is My Space:

The resulting device, which Limor admits is illegal to operate, will disable nearby cellphones.

Actually a few months ago, I was riding on Amtrak with a certain well-known blogger/hacker. It was late in the evening. A few rows ahead of us a woman with a loud voice recounted her day in excrutiating detail. This fan of Limor's pulled out a fake cigarette box and fiddled with it. Almost instantly, the woman's cellphone had dropped its connection. Oh my. What a shame there's such bad reception.

In today's talk, Phil and Limor speculated that maybe we ought to declare that we own the air space immediately around us. What if others could not violate this air space with cellphones? If they did, then my device would disable their device. Come too close and I'll turn off your cellphone.

A whole new definition of My Space! ;-)