Some statistics for this blog - third quarter 2006

Daily Visits Jul-Sep 06:
visits third quarter 2006

Daily Visits Oct 05-Sep 06 (365 days):
visits past 12 months

The figures for the past quarter (July to September 06) are:
Pages: 1,314,414
Hits: 2,049,090
Visits: 1,008,098 (including: 1 Page visits: 831,528 - Search Visits: 77,395 - Robots Visits: 449,095)
Unique Hosts: 158,768
MBytes: 28,260M
Errors: 401,823
Total View Time: 1,729 days
Hits to RSS and Atom feeds: 430 855 (1168 hits/day)

Traffic over my three blogs/sites is spread as follows:
English blog : 42.4%
French blog : 53.3%
My book site, Blogueur d'entreprise : 4.3%

Where do visiteurs come from?
Europe: 48.4% (37.5% from France)
North America: 37.7% (35.6% from the USA)
Asia: 9.1% (3.4% from Korea and 1.9% from China, 3rd and 4th countries respectively)

Browsers brands:
Mozilla: 37.8%
MS IE: 35.6%
NetNewsWire (RSS): 10.7%
Opera: 5.2%
Safari (RSS): 3%

Operating systems:
Windows: 67.5%
Mac OS: 19.5%
Linux/Unix: 11%

Previous stats report: first half 2006.

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