Connexion by Boeing and $320M go down the drain

Om Malik reports that Boeing has decided to discontinue its Connexion by Boeing “broadband in the sky” service, and will write-off a $320 million charge [Via Loic le Meur, who notes that you can't use your laptop in a plane anymore anyway].

Working in the IT industry, I just can't help but think, each time I'm trapped in a confined zone like an airport or a plane, that I'm being milked to death by people profiting from the weird business-reality distortion field (read commercial jail) they've designed. Like asking $20/hour for an internet-on-mollasses connection. Guess what? Sometimes it's good to spend a couple of hours unplugged. Too bad for a feature that I've long been looking for, but there are psychological barriers that, as a customer, not a cow, I'm not ready to cross.

I didn't see anything about that on Randy Baseler's blog, and I'd be curious to know about Airbus plans regarding in-flight internet connection.