Joyent buys TextDrive

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Joyent buys TextDrive (and merges the two totgether, which makes for quite a nice bunch of interesting people and services) -- see official press release and a word from Dean Allen. I suspect this will generate a flurry of questions in the TxD Forum about the future of TextDrive and the rationale for such a combination, which I find very exciting. As I prepare my next professional decade on the internet, I've been spending some time thinking and digging past the web 2.0 buzz, and it's full of stars ideas that are nicely coalescing right now and will get past a potential Bubble 2.0. A few of those are:

Europe's eGovernment Observatory boasts that Europe dominates global e-readiness. That's great news, however I'm missing the 37Signals, the Strongspaces and the Joyents of Europe. I want to see them here and now, in French, in German, in Dutch, in whatever language we enjoy in our diversity. I really do, seriously.