Firefox 1.5

Mozilla released a brand new version of Firefox yesterday (or actually this morning for us here, Californians used to get up earlier ;-)). Great update for a great browser, but my 4-month old rant to Firefox developers and Mozilla marketing luminaries still stands true! Off to manually discovering where to download the beast (which gets a new home at, and yet another click to find it...). But there's hope in this news from Mozilla Europe: "New automatic update system makes Firefox an "install once and forget it" application."

P.S. It shuts off the Live HTTP Headers and Google Pagerank Status extensions. It updated the Web Developer Toolbar automatically, which is a must have for me.


Pour Live HTTP Header, une petite modif dans le fichier install.rdf du .xpi devrait suffire (en tout cas, ça avait suffi pour le faire marcher sur la 1.5rc3).

For Live HTTP Headers, there is an update on their mozdev page, but check out the bug reports (link from there as wel, there is an improved version mentioned in one of recent the bugs. Sorry can't link directly, seems to be down or under very heavy traffic. That one works perfectly fine both on 1.5 and the recent nightly trunk builds.

Hey François. It's a bit off-topic, but I though you might want to hear about this:

Ah, crap! That's what I get for posting before I read your French blog too.

No problem Keith :-)

Hi Francois.
I experienced the same problem with LiveHTTPHeaders. Did you get it working?

Hi Jesper, yes, go to and you can install it from here.

Francois, the problem is not to find the install file. The problem is that I get an error when opening the Headers tab of the Page Info window.

To be able to display headers information in the PageInfo tab of Mozilla or Firebird the nsHeaderInfo component must be registered.
This component should be found in the file Mozilla/Components/nsHeaderInfo.js.

Registration should have been done by the LiveHTTPHeaders installation.
However this sometimes does not work.
Follow these steps to enable Mozilla or Firebird to find and register the component:

* Delete the file Mozilla/Components/compreg.dat
* Delete the file Mozilla/Components/xpti.dat

These two files should be recreated automatically by Mozilla or Firebird when it is next started.

Note: if you installed LiveHTTPHeaders in you profile, there is a copy of the nsHeadersInfo.js file in your profile/components directory. You need to copy it in Mozilla/Components directory first and follow the directive above after.

If I find a workaround, I'll post it here.

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