Dear Firefox developers and Mozilla marketing luminaries

I take the opportunity of the recent upgrades to Firefox to ask you two (may be naive) questions that keep bugging me since I started to use this fine browser:

  • Why display a Software Update feature within the Advanced preferences that never updates Firefox?
  • Why put a direct link to Firefox Central in the address bar and, on this page, give me a zillion links except the one I'm always looking for there, which is... download Firefox? I don't know about you, but under "Getting Started" I would really welcome that "Download Firefox" link. Especially since the Software Update feature doesn't work.

Thanks for your attention.


It does, but not immediately. Just give it a couple of days.

I didn't know that, thanks. Not cool when you're looking for a security update :-(.

At *last* I've found someone who shares the same commonsensical critiques towards Firefox (plus the fact that this browser is painfully slow on my Mac).

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