AFR article on corporate blogs

In its Saturday edition, July 16, the Australian Financial Review has published an article by Emily Carr titled Beware: your corporate blog is a total bore in which I'm quoted with my professional title along with my employer's name, as criticizing the blog of Boeing VP of marketing Randy Baseler. I would like to stress a few things:

  1. I have not been interviewed by the journalist, who did a selective copy/paste of a six-month old post, Boeing Blog doesn't fly, without telling me
  2. as it is clearly stated on my about page, this is a personal blog, and the opinions expressed on this site are mine and are not those of my current or former employers
  3. Randy Baseler's Journal has since significantly improved, notably with the addition of comments and news feeds (I have updated the aforementioned post to reflect the changes)

I would really appreciate if the AFR would publish this as an errata. It would help them, and their readers, understand a little better what blogs are.

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