Et voila!

The baby is out: it's my pleasure to present the new "It looks nice and it validates, what else could anyone ask?" someone told me today ("Holidays?", I replied).

I cannot tell you how happy I am. If you excuse the use of a few superlatives, due to some champagne abuse may be, this is the biggest web site redesign I've orchestrated and the result is, IMHO, the best site ever in Capgemini's 10-year online history.

It's been a long story and I will tell you some of it once I get a chance to breeze a little bit again.

Meanwhile, I will let these fine people who have helped us create this site give you some insight on this fascinating journey: Messieurs Jeffrey Zeldman, Douglas Bowman and Brian Alvey. [P.S. and with his authorization, a special thanks to Adam Greenfield for his excellent job on information architecture.]


Sexy, but why is there a big chunk of JavaScript at the top of the page?

> why is there a big chunk of JavaScript at the top of the page?

Woops, a left-over of a removed feature (animated clients quotes, it was that or a big Flash animation which was a no-no for me ;-)). Will remove now...

Congrats on getting it finished, at long last ;)
I'm starting a new job at Yahoo soon! (back in the UK)

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