Software patents coup debunked again

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The software patents' lobby is playing dirty again, but it's latest coup has failed, again. Slashdot hints that the EU patent directive has been postponed today, and here too we have to thank Poland for preventing this stupid piece to pass at a Council of Agriculture and Fisheries without discussion nor any democratic support of the parliament. Poland was able to get a one week delay, but I hope that this cat and mouse game stops for good and this directive gets back in front of the parliament which, if the representatives stick to their previous stance, will get rid of it.

My intuition is that there is a tremendous economical opportunity in NOT getting into software patents in Europe. While the USPTO will play the game of the big players to burry all competition, we would have a fantastic chance to (re)build a rich and level software business. It's not a surprise that professional open source players (like MySQL AB in Sweden) are clearly against SW patents.