LAMP, LOFT, MOST, MOSE and whatnot

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LAMP server stack! LOFT Desktop stack?:

There's Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP/Perl as the server stack. (If you're not running that, what are you running? Get with the program!).

Is there Linux, Open Office, Firefox, and Thunderbird as the desktop stack? Hopefully. Maybe we need an instant messaging client that begins with the letter "Y" and then it becomes the LOFTY desktop stack.

You heard this hear first just in case Linspire wants to take credit for the "L" in LOFT.

Me I've been MOST for some time, as in Mac OS X + Office (the MS one, by corporate demand) + Safari + Thunderbird, but as I found Thunderbird 1.0 not up to par with Apple Mail, I'm now MOSM for personal use and MOSE (E for Entourage, which IMHO is still better on some aspects than Apple Mail) for corporate use. I gave a try to Open Office, but it's not very appealing on Mac OS X and the latest news on a native UI for Oo don't make me optimistic about that one. I guess Apple will get some ground with Pages and Keynote.

On the server side, I'm LAMP for corporate use and FAMP for this site, F as in FreeBSD, yet another great server OS (also better than Linux for web servers IMHO, and the core base of Mac OS X). I guess I have to do things slightly differently than most folks ;-).