Forrester talks about RSS

I just caught the following web conference pitched by Forrester: An Introduction To RSS: Why Companies Should Pay Attention Now:

ForrTel Description

Consumers have started adopting the use of RSS (which stands for “rich site summary” but also “really simple syndication”) as a way to easily read content feeds from Weblogs as well as publishers like CNET, The New York Times, and Wall Street Journal. But [sic]


  • What is RSS?
  • How will RSS develop?
  • What should content providers be doing RSS?
  • What should marketers be doing with RSS?

Vendors Mentioned: BlogAds, Bloglines, Craig’s List, FeedDemon, Feedster, NewsGator, Pheedo, Technorati, Yahoo!

Nothing new nor special, but it's interesting to see this pass in front of the corporate eyes, and that Forrester thinks that consumers adoption of news feeds has already happened. I tend to disagree on the adoption though, I think it's just starting, slowly, to grow outside the geek community. That Forrester names this RSS -- i.e. the format which could as well be Atom -- instead of news feeds is a sign that this is still way too geeky for the masses. Have you tried to explain what news feeds and aggregators are to a novice? You know what I mean, then. And news feeds on the intranet are still not ready for prime time.

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