Paris Plage 2004


Did you know that there is a beach in Paris? Every summer since 2002, the City of Paris turns the road along the right bank of the Seine into a beach, and every year this event is more and more successful and popular. The few grumpy car drivers who are forced into the slow traffic road above are rightfully silenced by millions of people who enjoy this unique event, Paris Plage! Please come with me for a little ride.

Let's start in front of the city hall, l'Hôtel de ville (click on images to zoom):

Let's take a view from above the crowd:

Time to take a walk on the beach itself:

Sunny Paris Plage!

So sunny, a little mist is welcome:

The big mist generator (it was the most visited attraction during the heat wave last year!):

This fountain saved me from getting completely dehydrated:

The shower:

There are attractions all along the Seine, here sand artwork:

Climbing the walls:

Fishing (yuk, I wouldn't eat anything coming from this part of the Seine!):

Hello Paname!

That's all folks. There were much more than that, but I started to get sun burns and had to seek some shadow. If you ever come visit us during Paris Plage, do not miss it!


Thanks for the photos, they're great.

I live in Paris too and I have to say that I loathe Paris Plage. Paris Plague more like, if you ask me.

It isn't just because it disrupts what little traffic there is in Paris during the month of August (oh, my God, there were SO many parking spaces in my street, my dad couldn't decide where to park), but it's because it wastes tremendous amounts of money that I think could be better spent elsewhere. Like, in renovating the subway lines, better busses and decent public equipment.

No offense but to me, it was nothing more than a very stupid attempt to get votes in.

Paris Plage wanderful plases .i wash to have as it in my cantry .so i wash to sport any photos from Paris Plage. thank you .

Paris Plage wanderful plases .i wash to have as it in my cantry .so i wash to sport any photos from Paris Plage. thank you .

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