Catching up with life

I've been having some difficulties keeping up with the blogosphere and regular readers may have noticed the slow-down in my posts over the last few months. Let's say that my life recently has been filled with very contrasting moments ranging from great satisfaction down to overwhelming sadness. Actually those visitors who read my French weblog may well know why, however I'm not willing to bother the anglophones about the ugly and heart-breaking parts of my life. With this post I'm already departing from my authoring rule of splitting my writings between two weblogs, the English one being more professionally oriented and the other one making a better use of French as the language of politics and love (even though the francosphere took shots at me with not writing enough technical stuff in French for those English-challenged frogs).

I'm slowly climbing my way back above the clouds, where I can breeze freely again, making efforts to remember to always consider the positive side of things before even thinking of their negative ones (when not inventing them). It's getting better, and I can see the end of the Russian hills, this weird journey where I've been feeling like Leonardo Di Caprio screaming "I'm the king of the world!" at the prow of the Titanic, before being remembered by my own devils how that particular story ends, sometimes way too fast to even feel any grades in between.

I have many great things going on in my professional life, things that I can be proud of and will find great pleasure to write and discuss about (you'll see it soon on this modest weblog and in some other way more classy places). I'm having fun again in the real world with old and new friends. And as for this site, I'm procrastinating over a redesign which would be a welcome change here too (though not dismissing what works).

Life continues, please excuse me while I take my breath to catch up with it.

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