Movable Type 3.1 announced

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Six Apart unveils the first details on Movable Type 3.1. MT 3.1 is due to ship on August 31 and, contrary to MT 3.0 Developer Edition, is the upgrade meant for all users of MT. The following new features and plugin pack make it a significant upgrade for both 2.6 and 3.0 users:

  • Dynamic vs Static publishing: choose best of both world on a per-template basis (requires PHP for dynamic pages)
  • Post Scheduling: prepare your post and have them published at a specific date and time
  • Subcategories
  • Comment and TrackBack Spam management: along with the new comments/commenters management interface, MT 3.1 will ship with MT-Blacklist
  • Better search engine with XSearch/Plus
  • KoalaRainbow for those who want to go creative with dynamically generated images
  • Even more fun mixing several webogs into a single site with MultiBlog
  • Markdown for those who prefer replacing FUC with lesser ugly code
  • and a better email notification system and subscriptions management with Notifier

Application-level callbacks are a new addition to the development framework for the plugin developers. The MT-Plugin Directory is being updated to include new plugins, notably those which have been submitted to the MT3.0D plugin contest.

As with the previous versions, I'd love to take part of a beta test (hint! hint! ;-).