Royal disaster

Jeffrey Zeldman tells us about his Great Panther Disaster of 2004.

How can you tell that this must have been a real disaster?

Easy, he abandoned the Royal We.

You should have asked, Jeffrey, we knew about both ways to eject your CD, not only the mouse button, but also the hidden pinhole where to insert an unfolded paper clip to force ejection. ;-)


There are so many things wrong with that write-up. I suppose it's a personal thing, but still, if one is going to pontificate about 'usability' and 'design', it's best to always remember the maxim, RTFM.

I interpreted his write up as: "read a year’s worth of Macworlds cover to cover" + "Retrospect" for backing up + "Upgrade" option = "Royal Fuck Up"

He should have tried: "Macintouch" + "Carbon Copy Cloner" + "Clean Install" = "Smooth Sailing"

Oh well.

But in Panther, to choose a default browser other than Safari, you must open Safari and choose that alternative browser from within Safari’s Preferences. Which you cannot do if Safari quits at launch.

Iiiiik !! What kind of logic ?

That Safari thing is really annoying, it's the same with as well. There's a workaround: More Internet.

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