iPod mini jack flaw

The iPod mini seems to have a design issue with its jack:

Any time I touched mini, she would scream with unbelievably and horribly distorted sound. Whether I touched her elegant click-wheal, beautifully curved anodized body, or her shiny white bottom, mini would curse and scream. If left alone, mini would occasionally come back to her senses and sing in her clean voice, but slightest touch would bring back the darkest side of her.

There is also a big thread going on at iPodlounge.

That's exactly what I experienced last month at the Apple Store in Soho -- and I wonder why Apple let those faulty mini exposed to their clients, it certainly did not make me want one. One can suspect that the current absence from the shelves of the mini is related to Apple being busy fixing this problem more than facing high demand.

Are we back to the bad old days where wisdom mandated that one avoid the first generation of Apple products? Is this a consequence of this permanent quest for the cheapest outsourcing deal in manufacturing?

[Via Slashdot]


" In our opinion these stories have gotten a little out if control - most likely because there just isn't a hell of a lot to talk about in the world of Mac at this moment. Were this to come up during the announcements of a bunch of new products, this story would be far from front page news. This is surely why we're thinking about it." [Via MacBidouille]

Sure it's a fabulous product. Sure also that this is not statistically representative. But isn't it weird that the first time I lay hands on an iPod mini, it's one with this problem?

Are we back to the bad old days where wisdom mandated that one avoid the first generation of Apple products?

I don't think those days are behind us, François.

I prefer to buy the second or third iteration of an interesting Apple product, not because of design flaws -- although that looks like a good reason. Normal everyday use tends to give interesting feedback to the engineers, this usually leads to an improved product.

With an average wait of 6-8 months between their release cycles I think this is good idea. With this report you point to, I think it's a bonus.

Maybe but one problem is not for all too. Sure, i prefer the revB of the Apple product but I will never have bought iBook if I had known the problems of the first generation.

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