What am I doing here?

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For some strange reason, that I forgot before starting this post, I was headed to Orkut. After five attempts to login, it finally let me in (a chance I remembered my login and password, since the "forgot password" function never sent me anything back).

I can't remember when was the last time I went there, and my messages center was filled with 68 messages (some will say it's ridiculously low, but I'm a member of only three communities and I find that way too many to handle with this ridiculous webmail interface). The vast majority of these messages could easily be ranked as spam, except for an occasional bit of humor. Like this one:

  from:    Lukas
  to:    friends of friends
  subject:    Hetero community
 message:    Hello,

I'm delighted to invite you to the heterosexuals community. There we can discus the merrits of being heterosexual.


That said, I still can't see what to do with Orkut. Except, may be, learn for once the merits of being heterosexual?