Apathy is lethal, silence equals death

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Apathy is lethal is a campaign from the United Nations Foundation for the prevention and action against the spread of the AIDS epidemic to children. I can't prevent myself to think of this name as a direct copy of "silence = death", a message that the non profit organization Act Up has been shouting to the face of the world for 17 years now.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, on the contrary. It's good to see influential people acting against AIDS. It's just sad that it takes so long for certain messages to reach certain brains. Especially in this case, because we're still far from seeing the end of this epidemic, because it took decades for certain people to accept the idea that one dollar spent today in prevention is ten dollars saved in medical assistance later (I still can't write cure). This goes against the current financial "wisdom" which values one dollar of prevention spent today as one dollar, and ten dollars spent tomorrow as no dollar spent today.