Tabs dump: special gay marriage in San Francisco

A short list of links about Gay marriage in San Francisco:

  • Lance Arthur: lots of links at The Same-Sex Marriage Marathon and a wonderful photo gallery under The San Francisco St Valentine's Day Massacre of Love (pun intended)
  • Other photos at SF takes the lead on civil rights again -- "We don't want to stop today. In fact, we don't want to stop at all.'' (SF mayor Gavin Newsom)
  • Ephemera: Justly Married -- "I can tell you this: I was there. I saw these people's faces. I talked to them. And there was not one person taking this lightly. There was no mockery of anything. This was all about love. All about acceptance. And all about equality."
  • The Pie in Paris: I Do -- "People lined up outside in the rain all day and night to get in today. Today's President's day. Gave them an extra day before anyone could sue. Pretty incredible. I felt like I was watching the busses get desegregated..."
  • Marriage mania grips S.F.

In the hope that this will bring this issue in everyone's face and make obvious that marriage has nothing to do with religion, that the words marriage and sacred have less right to wed together than two persons regardless of their sex, that people who oppose gay marriage on the basis that they are against marriage altogether are hypocrites (as are gays opposing it on the sole basis that they're not heterosexuals or whatever similarly discriminating reason), that extending the right to marry to any couple doesn't deprive anyone of any right whatsoever (except cut off some air supply to homophobes).

Of course some idiots are suing (registration required). They might win in the short term, but discriminations based on sexual orientation are a lost battle in the long run in democracies. Get used to it.