New ego search in town

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Russell Beatie digs the new Yahoo! search:

So, Diego just pointed out the new Yahoo Search which has finally dumped Google. I just tried it and it's pretty great. I passes what I call "The Russell Test". Simply, if I type my first name in to the search, I can find myself in the first few results. The other pretenders to the search throne like Teoma still don't pass it. It's obviously a very biased test, but why would I use a search that can't find me?

Well, well, well. It passes The François 1er Test™ too, which Google now fails after a brief moment of fame(*).

Should I switch then?

I think I'm going to have a closer look at the search engine tab in our web statistics.

(*) actually it's logical. I reached the first spot at a moment where most links to this site where using my first name. My branding efforts ;-), such as always signing padawan in the comments I leave outside of this weblog, have finally paid. Yours truly is parading strongly on both Google and Yahoo!. There are tons of François who deserve the first page on those search engines. Here is one of them.