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A tabs dump is when I have so many tabs left open in Safari because I thought I might blog about a page, that I can't see the new ones opening. Here it is, telegraphic style:

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Obituary Of The Webmaster from Robin Good' Sharewood Tidings on October 31, 2003 7:19 PM

The role of Webmaster has evolved since the earliest intranet sites. In the beginning, the Webmaster was responsible for a specific Web server, and the workstation or PC on which it ran. The Webmaster installed the software and set up the Web site, oft... Read More

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Nice dump François and hats for the quality selection of the posts you selected for this.

I took permission to respond to your respectful doubts about the oversimplification of the trend toward abandoning webmaster work and creating more opportunities for actual publishing and communication output.

I agree that my approach tends to exaggerate and oversimplify things but I need to drive a point to those very ones who are least equipped to understand and find out by themselves.

Thanks for offering one more option to fuerther clarify my message.

I have posted a short article responding to your very valid comments at:

My very best.

Robin Good
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