Java pas

Java, or write once, crash anywhere... My kingdom for a good CMS written in PHP! Or Python. Even Perl would be fine (and that speaks volume from me). Anything but Java.


Each rule has it exception. I know this is not a CMS, but test this soft :

Francois I know you're worth better than this sort of raw unsophisticated comments :-)
The only reason I see you writing this is that you just spent the day with a java CMS that crashed on you, or something.
Vignette, Interwoven and Documentum are written in java.
You can adopt Zope if you prefer a Python based open source one.

It's a little difficult for me to elaborate on that. What I can say is that it's far more difficult to find someone who know what they're doing in Java than in popular interpreted languages such as PHP, and that a bad Java code can crash an entire server (and put me in fire mode) while a bad PHP code will just embarrass the developer and let the other sites work just fine.

Java might be a dream for developers, but it is frankly a nightmare for mutualized hosting operations!

OK, Patrick, I admit I know better BUT then, why is Sun spending time integrating PHP, Perl and Python better into its own web server? See:

Sun, Zend integrate PHP with Sun's Web server

I guess Sun wants to address all potential customer needs for its web server product :-)
But I don't see that as a big strategic move.
The java/PHP choice is often taken with some religious arguments. I tend to keep a cool head, and evaluate this choice by taking into account many parameters, not all of them technical: training of the current developers and maintainers of the system, OO design skills, delivery mode (ASP vs packaged software), requirements of customers, speed of innovation in some aspects of the system, growth plans, etc...
This kind of decisions is very complex to make, involves many parameters and can never be reduced to a few arguments about the language.
Yahoo swicthed to PHP, they did the study and justified it very nicely.
PHP is right for a very broad set of projects, so is java: you just have to do some homework in order to pick the right one first.

Note that I filled this entry under "rants" which should be rather self-explanatory as the place where I vent, unleashed, without my safeguard and rational alarms. I fully agree with you Patrick (especially on being technologically agnostic, something I'm getting better at while growing older ;-).

Now if Tomcat could spit out comprehensive error messages (with timestamps!) in catalina.out, I wouldn't have to spend days trying to understand what's going on...

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