BitFlux, an open source Wysiwyg XML editor

The semantic web, and web standards in general will not succeed if we do not have good interfaces between them and the users. BitFlux, a visual XML editor looks like a good step in that direction:

Bitflux Editor is a browser based Wysiwyg XML Editor – and that changes everything! You can edit now your content semantically and at the same time display it to your users and editors in its final form.

That's a big stone in the garden of old school text editors.

Note to Mac users: it does not work in Safari. Try Mozilla 1.3+ or Netscape 7.

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blix also does not work in opera 7 - so therefore, i will not use it.

all browser capability does much more to cross bridges, than creating a Wysiwyg XML Editor could ever do for the future of xml.

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