Halliburton and coffee-to-go

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According to Newsweek, Halliburton won't get a big Iraq contract. Would it be that the opaque (but not unnoticed) self-attribution to the Vice-President former firm was a bit too much, even for this administration? There is no explanation provided in this article, however it is suggested that Halliburton chose to play a subcontracting role. In which, without doubt, they can still largely cash out. I find it highly disturbing that the reconstruction of Iraq will be paid by Iraqis with their oil, which will provide a triple benefit for the US: reimbursement of the costs of war, an economical boost and an estimated ten more years of oil to continue burning it by the million barrels a day in SUVs to sustain the "American dream". All that at the expense of a people who never called for it, against an overwhelming majority of countries, with blatant lies for sole justification, sheer arrogance and total disrespect for legality. On the other side of the mirror, the entire world is watching, when not enduring, the American nightmare.

You will note the picture of Dick "Halliburton" Cheney which tells us two things: he's still alive and he likes coffee-to-go, something we don't have over here. Starbucks makes good Chai tea, may be it's time to bring mint-tea-to-go to Iraq, that would be a real civilization improvement.